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Bach Flower Remedies

These remedies were discovered and developed by Dr Bach (1886 -1936) a physician and homeopath who believed that physical health and ill health was greatly affected by our emotional and spiritual health. He developed these remedies to support emotional factors like depression, anxiety, stress, trauma etc, which he believed could go on and cause physical illness or if already present, stop healing of a condition from taking place.

These 38 remedies are widely used today, the most common one being Rescue Remedy. There are remedies to help with various emotional states from shock, both present and past, lack of confidence, fear both known and unknown, indecision, impatience to name but a few. They work not by suppressing these emotions but by transforming them into a positive state, so the fearful person may become courageous, the person lacking confidence becomes more confident, and so on.

They are perfectly safe and can be used with any medication. They can safely be used on everyone, children, babies, animals and even plants.