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Stress Relief

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One way or another, we’re all under stress. We’re stressed at work, stressed at home, stressed that we’re not getting enough sleep, enough exercise, enough relaxation - one way or another, all that stress is making us feel well, stressed.

Acute stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing - the hormones released by our bodies when we’re racing to meet a deadline are actually helpful, giving us a kick to get us over the finish line. But chronic stress is different and has been linked with a number of serious health problems, including arthritis and heart disease.

Massage therapy is a proven way to relieve stress, partly because that feeling of being touched reminds us of comforting childhood hugs from mum or dad but also because it releases a hormone - oxytocin - which is believed to reduce blood pressure, cortisol as well as general levels of stress. The release of oxytocin into the blood is stimulated by touch, with relaxation massage or myofascial release techniques thought to be particularly effective. In fact, some people believe Oxytocin has even more qualities than that...

In fact, people who go for regular massage often report marked, measurable improvements in their levels of anxiety, depression, vitality and general health. Massage is safe, non-addictive, non-invasive and completely natural and has an important part to play in relieving the stresses and strains of everyday life.