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Types of massage - Remedial massage therapy

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Although believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, Remedial Massage didn't become a recognised technique until the late 1940s. Since then it has become widely recognised as an effective way to help alleviate soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.

What to expect
Instead of the kind of gentle, sweeping strokes you get with - for example - Relaxation Massage Therapy - a Remedial Massage concentrates on specific problem areas and uses considerable pressure to stimulate blood circulation and release chronic tension that may be held in specific muscles. This kind of massage works along the lines of the actual muscle tissues, tendons and fascia to break up the adhesions that can occur as a result of strain or injury.

How does it help?
Remedial Massage is extremely effective in reducing pain and helping to increase the function of affected areas of the body - and is particularly good at helping with lower back pain. Remedial Massage can also lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

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