Lynda Beattie ITEC Dip CThA
Appointments: 07736 924312

Client Testimonials

"Lynda is very experienced and has really helped me alleviate my stress symptoms. She provides a warm and friendly environment for a thoroughly relaxing and therapeutic massage. I would recommend her 'healing hands'. Thank you Lynda." Mary Devenport

"I have been under a lot stress recently and visited Linda for a massage. I have never felt so relaxed in a long time. Linda is very knowledgable. I would not hesitate to recommend her and will definitely be returning." Brigitte Warren

"I had been experiencing a tingling sensation in my fingers for a few months. I visited Linda for a therapeutic massage and after one visit my symptoms went. She gave me techniques on how to prevent it reoccurring. The room was very comfortable and relaxing. Linda was very professional and had a genuine desire to understand and fix my back problem." Deborah Taylor

"The Kansa massage was the most relaxing experience. Lynda is knowledgeable and very calming. I'd definitely recommend Lynda's therapies." Tracy Keegan

"I have been going to Lynda for a deep tissue massage once a month for many years now. I used to have terrible back, neck and shoulder pain and visited an osteopath, however, I never felt that it was really helping. After a few visits to Lynda the pain became easy to manage and now I hardly have pain at all and if I do it doesn't hang around for long. Massage makes me feel relaxed, positive and healthy and Lynda's knowledge of just the right techniques to ease the tightness in a specific area are just what I need. I cannot go without my massage every month. Thank you Lynda!" Kerry Boettcher

"I went to Lynda for a full body 90 min massage... Best thing i've done in long while! Cannot stop singing her praises. Absolutely fantastic and SO relaxing. Highly recommend! " Karen Gold

"Lynda has a friendly personality and is highly knowledgable on appropriate massage applications. She has treated me with relaxing massage techniques to remedy sport related injuries, minor medical ailments and general stress conditions. I can recommend her as an excellent massage therapist." Andrew Read

"Yesterday I had one of the best massages I have ever had. This was serious therapeutic massage - really dealt with a lot of aches and pains that had built up after months of sitting too long at my desk working on the computer etc. Plus the added bonus of gorgeous aromatherapy oils. Beautiful and highly recommended!" Hilary Ellis

"Lynda has exceptional skill at relaxing the muscles and making her clients feel very welcome in her home therapy room. Not only did i leave with advice on my tense areas, but i was also able to suit the massage to my own comfort. I enjoyed a gorgeous full body massage with Lynda that i can highly recommend! Bliss!" Chris, Kathleen Sheret

"I didn't think it was possible to relax until I came to you." Anna Brandt, teacher

""I can honestly say, hand on my heart that my migraines have reduced by at least 50 per cent since coming to you." Mo Collins

"Lynda seems to know instinctively just where the root of the pain is." Roy Lucas, solicitor

"I have been going to Lynda for massages for a number of years now, and have always been really impressed. Lynda listens carefully to how I feel, explains clearly what she's doing, and checks that I'm comfortable, warm, and that the pressure is right. I would definitely recommend her to others."

"Fantastic. Comfy room and a heated couch to lie on. Would definitely go again."