Lynda Beattie ITEC Dip CThA
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I offer the following massage treatments


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This is a soothing, gentle, slow massage, concentrating on any areas of tension. I usually spend time on the neck and head before going on to other parts where tension is held. The aim is to slow the breathing from short, rapid, shallow breaths to the more effective deep, slow breaths which has the powerful effect of carrying the oxygen to all the cells. It's great for sufferers of insomnia, tension headaches and anyone who feels they just want to 'stop'. Most people these days don't know how to relax - even when they're asleep. Massage helps to remind you and your body what true relaxation really feels like.
60 minutes: £55.00
90 minutes: £70.00


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This massage works on a much deeper level, to treat problems caused by over use, postural imbalance, scar tissue from past or recent injuries and long term tension and stress. I use many techniques including: friction, kneading, stretching, soft tissue manipulation (neuromuscular technique) and trigger point therapy to break down any adhesions that stop the muscle fibres gliding smoothly, thereby causing stiffness and pain. It can help enormously with complaints like frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, as well as easing lower and upper back pain.
60 minutes: £55.00
90 minutes: £70.00


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A truly relaxing massage, that focuses on the face, neck and head. A Kansa wand is used to apply tridoshic oil, a sesame-based oil containing herbs that balance the three 'doshas'.

Ayuverva is recorded as the world's oldest Indian healing system. It works on the marma points, which are like acupressure points that stimulate the life force or pranic flow and while this treatment is very relaxing it is surprisingly powerful and a surge of energy is often experienced later on.

It also works on the lymphatic system, helping to clear headaches and sinus problems.

There is no need to get undressed for this but as I will be will be working a little on the chest  loose clothing is recommended. This treatment will also involve getting a little oil in the hair.
60 minutes: £55.00


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The face and head hold a surprising amount of tension which this massage releases, while the foot massage grounds you to stop you floating away. You won’t even have to get undressed (though you will get oily hair). For this massage I incorporate techniques from Indian Head Massage and Ayevedic Face Massage (pressure points) and foot massage.

Truly relaxing and revitalising - must be tried - this treatment also makes a great gift idea.
60 minutes: £55.00


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To keep you and the baby comfortable, you'll lay on your side, supported by pillows and cushions. I generally spend 30 minutes on each side and work on your neck, shoulders and back using organic almond oil.

As above, but also in a half sitting position so I can work on the head, arms, legs and feet.
60 minutes: £55.00
90 minutes: £70.00


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The fascia is like a stocking that encompasses all our internal organs, holding everything in its place. The myofascia surrounds all our muscle fibres and muscle groups and does the same thing, it's like a mesh that moves and stretches in every direction. This fascia can get incredibly tight, causing stiffness and tightness. It's important to work on the fascia especially if there is a problem over a larger area.

Myofascial release, is a very deep, slow treatment. A massage balm is used instead of oil and sometimes nothing is used at all, so that there is no 'sliding' over the skin. I, personally love receiving this treatment and find the slowness incredibly relaxing. Although it feels very deep and sometimes there is a slight burning sensation, the fact that it is such a slow treatment means that,with feedback from you, we work within your comfort zone. And the results are usually immediate and certainly long lasting. You can literally feel the fascia 'melting' and softening.

I sometimes incorporate this treatment in a regular massage by using it to start off with if I feel it's restricting the muscle beneath. This technique is also very effective when used on athletes, runners, cyclists etc.
60 minutes: £55.00
90 minutes: £70.00